Wednesday 11 May 2016


What better way to begin - and end - this task of presenting the 'released' material than with the song ON THE ROAD TO HAIDA GWAII 

Arranged superbly well by WILD BISCUIT MUSIC the spoken word section sums up for me so much of what is splendid and magical about Haida Gwaii It was uploaded to Bandcamp on January 4th 2016 and can be heard and downloaded free on there at

The following four songs were the first I ever submitted for mastering to Ca Va Every now and again I come across them - and whilst I cannot recall this latest encounter - I guess I must have decided to give them another try out there 

For many years I have wanted someone to give me a Frank Sinatra type backing for THIS IS NO WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING And who knows it may yet happen The other three are old repeats

Four songs - EP  January 22nd 2016

1.This is no way to spend an evening 01:54
2.Where the last tide runs 01:54
3.I'll take the house with the windows 02:37
4.I am with you in your sleeping 01:43

Tell Me That Now -EP Released 16th January 2016  
1.A Perfect Landing 01:26
2.Don't Sigh Even Slightly 02:53
3.Still I Love You 03:02
4.My Love is Velvet 02:44
5.Two Inches Tall 01:33
6.The Mountain 02:37
7.I Walked Out One Morning 02:15
8.You'll Like it at the Waterworks 01:09
9.Lowlands 02:40
10.Tell Me That Now 01:26

The wish to use the WILD BISCUIT arrangement of TELL ME THAT NOW (aka LONELINESS) was a recurring aspiration It was, as so much of their work is, just beautifully right for the words

Unfortunately the recording I had initially provided for them to work with had been distorted and it was only with a different recording in 2016 - and the skill of Geoffrey Allan - that it became possible to combine them well enough to be used in the above selection

This again is a gathering of songs which, with no particular place to belong, were put together to aid the tidying up process And once that idea had taken hold it was followed by the decision to have a WILD BISCUIT arrangement as both the opening and closing tracks 

Their arrangement for A PERFECT LANDING is also special not least in that it landed as a surprise gift - and unsolicited - on my desk one day

I can recommend a listen - not because I wrote the words but for the sounds they always bring to my material It can be heard on Bandcamp at

My one and only Spoken word   Released 12th  Feb 2016
Some words I re-recorded for Valentine's Day

The Miscellaneous Six - EP Released 23rd March 2016 

Another of those selections 'in a oner' which occasionally make an appearance and which I do find difficult to ignore - but I have said all that before

I chose to leave them undifferentiated - thinking they might be listened to as if at a performance in a small venue The playing time is 18:37

1.   You are lovely
2.   There's an old sadness in me
3.   I don't believe you care
4.   You'll like it at the Waterworks
5.   And you lied to me
6.   This is no way to spend an evening
7.   It's very much but not enough
8.   From my room
9.   We could live in a hut
10.I don't believe you care

Stay with it - single Released 27th  March 2016

A 'jump the gun' track because I am too impatient to wait until the needed compilation has been arranged

So Easy To Please - album Released 28th March 2016
1.   Back up from down 01:55
2.   Blunt face man 01:51
3.   Did you sleep in the snow Mr Toast 01:48
4.   Education pays the nation 00:15
5.   Humpty Dumpty mended 01:59
6.   From a tree 00:23
7.   It is delightful for some 01:46
8.   I look you look 01:39
9.   I love sheep 01:46
10.I was sitting on the beach 00:52
11.I'm giving my head a rest 01:33
12.I'm giving up 01:17
13.It didn't mean a thing 01:41
14.My friend likes the country 01:17
15.Naked as the day I was born 02:53
16.Surely no it could not happen 01:57
17.Shall we go to Mexico 00:43

You don't know - single Released 1st April 2016

Another jumping the gun

Blues of a Sort - album  Released 12th April 2016

For so long on the cards, on the table, whatever - waiting to be done And now at last its out there with all its inadequacies but with enough associated gladness to perhaps counteract some of the sentiments expressed in the first track
1.   There's an old sadness in me 03:00
2.   I looked alright this morning 03:38
3.   Baby how long 02:54
4.   I'll play you sweetly 03:27
5.   When the sun rose 02:35
6.   She put my baby in the drawer 02:34
7.   Joan Ure's Stay with it baby 02:48
8.   Joan Ure's When I say you owe me nothing 02:26
9.   Bluebird take me away 03:09
10.   I don't believe you care 03:23
11.   Goodbye baby blues 05:14
12.   Motherless 04:24
13.   Mr Moon: I'm working against time 04:01
14.   You don't know my mind 03:25
15.   Alone on the road 03:36
16.   When I became a blackbird 03:44

Making Mud- album     Released  18th April 2016

       1     As you are moving up the mountain 01:50
       2     Because you put a red rag in my washing machine 01:03
       3     Been such a fine day 01:28
       4     Got you here 02:00
       5     Had to work right on through you 01:10
       6     I want to know you 02:14
       7     It's getting harder all the time 02:31
       8     Let me tell you how they did it 01:49
       9     Never leave a bottle with its top off 01:51
       10   No matter what I say 02:16
       11   No time left child 01:57
       12   Old lady moon 00:28
       13   Ready for discharge 01:29
       14   So another day has gone 01:33
       15   Softly along the summer shore 01:25
       16   Taking it down 01:55
       17   Tonight I could readily say to the world 02:21
       18   Took you down sailing 01:20
       19   Walking talking 01:38
       20   When you found out 01:06
       21   You are walking through the town 02:36
       22   You had me believing 00:39
       23   You with your eyes open 01:33
       24   When I get up tomorrow 01:47

       And when I do hopefully get up tomorrow perhaps it will not be like today And I have a very recent lyric for the occasion Entitled COUNT YOUR LUCKY it can be found on the blog LYRICS OF A SORT at