Wednesday 4 May 2016


Before I posted OVER BUT MAYBE NOT (and should it have been MAYBE NOT OVER BUT) I began working on an ebook of this blog 

Last year I produced two printed versions - a black and white and a coloured one Both began with the first post dated Saturday August 24th 2014 and ended with MANY THANKS VICKI BRAGAN which was posted on Saturday September 12th 2015

Their initial usefulness was as a back up of the site There was material on the blog which I thought might be included in a book about the songs and the experiences which had led to, and then influenced, the writing of them 

The newly proposed ebook would fulfil a different role It would be bundled up with the list of released material under which the 'smudged line' was being drawn It would also begin on Saturday August 24th but it would end with OVER BUT MAYBE NOT on Friday April 22nd 2016

And whilst the work on the ebook was proceeding slowly the fate of the bundle, would be allowed to open-mindedly unfold Because, as with almost everything else in life, one cannot be sure what is a beginning and what will be an end 

The following image is meant as an illustration of that notion 
In trying to bring this phase of the work to a conclusion it is throwing up all sorts of information and ideas - some which I find impossible to ignore The newspaper cutting below is an example!

Some things never change 
The above dress is not skimpy but I am reminded that I wore it on the evening of May 20th 1962 when THE DOMINIES (a group I sang with for a while) opened for Ackerman Bilk in the St Andrews Halls Glasgow

And I can recall the dress well because one of the straps, which was inclined to slip off my shoulder, did so on that occasion. And when it did, and I pulled it back up, the audience responded by clapping loudly Oddly, that is the only clapping I can clearly recall from the many times I sang in public in those days And I have a theory why that might be so

But rather than try it out here I happen to have some recent words entitled A SKIMPY DRESS which I plan to record soon along with a gathering selection of spoken word tracks 

In the meantime the skimpy dress words are being shunted aside onto a newly set up page (see below) at

PS The SKIMPY DRESS post was added to this one to get it out of the way of the posts which are focused mainly on the RELEASES - I think