Saturday 7 May 2016


The last tracks to be released in 2009 were on an album entitled
It featured many of the tracks which, at later times, were overdubbed and/or remastered But there was a lot of hiss on the original tape and numerous attempts were made by different sound engineers to improve the opening track The best of the tries was released on May 4th 2015

The image below has not been used before for this song

Singing bird in a Glasgow garden 

The words were written shortly after the death of my mother as I was walking through Glasgow Green on the way to work one morning

Hello singing bird - album 
Released September 20th 2009

1.     Hello Singing Bird 2.17
2.     I've Been Alone On the Road So Long 1:37    
3.     Don't Hold the Hurt To Make It Easy 2.03
4.     Last Night I Dreamed About Doris Lessing 1.56      
5.     What A Relief It Is 2:26      
6.     She Put My Baby In the Drawer 2:35     
7.     We Could Live In A Hut 1:21
8.     Talk It Through With Me 1:12       
9.     Don't You Tell Me What Coming Out Can Mean 2:30
10.    I Can Taste You 0.54  
11.    This Is No Way To Spend An Evening 2:46     
12.    When You Found Out What I Really Was 1:52

It is available on CDBaby and has been purchased from there but I would caution anyone that the version there is of that original tape with the irredeemable hiss

As you wrapped the string around me - single 
Released April 5th 2010

Corunna Street: a Glasgow song with a prairie backing - single 
Released June 1st 2010

Your body aka Rock me like a child  - single  
Released July 7th 2010

Don't hold the hurt to make it easy and Never before 
Released August 21st 2010

Did I do something wrong again - single 
Released September 2nd 2010

There's an old sadness in me - single
Released 10th October 2010

Yesterday I Felt Two Inches Tall (Tom Conti) - single
Released October 10th 2010

Run Through Side A - album Released: December 5th 2010

The image which was originally used is from a painting entitled The Fall at the Duckpond 

The opening track of RUN THROUGH draws on some long ago comments by Joan Ure that the West of Scotland was a dangerous place for love between women

The playing time is 28:59 and the album is available at 

1. Have you cosied back up to your domestic fireplace
2. Its too hard for me to keep myself clean
3. What the hell’s going on
4. No matter what I say
5. I’ve waited a long time
6. I don’t believe you care
7. You come on over me in waves
8. Where the last tide runs
9. As you wrapped the string around me
10. You led me blindly up the alley of confusion
11. Sail me like a boat
12. When you found out
13. I looked alright this morning
14. I am ugly I am blue
15. I need you - will you come home soon
16. Weave me oh weave me (Joan Ure)
17. I’m making all my love songs (Joan Ure)
18. Don’t be ashamed sister
19. There was no need of me
‘I’m going to leave it like that – mistakes and all’

It's one of those dark nights - single 
Released December 12th 2010

Mr Moon: I'm working against time - single 
Released December 13th 2010