Monday 2 May 2016


The releasing of the songs and words over the past eight years only became possible when my other work had reached a settled stage of development Having written a small book explaining the work - and with the support of several interested others - I felt that it would be unlikely to fall apart completely if I began to let go of it  But I was also aware that, without some further attention (albeit from a distance) it might lose some of its required rigour 

And it may be that the position I am now taking up in relation to the songs and words is of a similar kind That thought lies behind the title of the previous post OVER BUT MAYBE NOT and it is also influencing the task of putting together a complete list of all the material that has so far been released

The lists are long and detailed They provide the dates and the playing times and I am presently finding out how to embed them in a PDF document so that they can be accessed from within a post on this blog

Until that task is completed I would like to add an image and some words to this post but at the time of writing I have no idea what they might be 
And having said that I am hoping my brain, which seems anyway to decide for me what to do next, will be working on it