Monday 9 May 2016


When I see how little new material was produced and released in 2014 it becomes more of a mystery than the sparseness of 2013 

But I do know it was an important year - if for one track only

The unavailability of my favourite musicians combined with a lack of funds - having used them for other interests - prompted a different approach 

For some time I had wondered if I could add a backing to my own recordings And with a lead from the OADE Brothers at who have provided excellent advice on several occasions- I decided to have a go using Audacity

With the CD PAST LOVES I had returned to the recording of songs I had once loved and performed often in public (There will be more on PAST LOVES amongst the later releases) And although one of the most loved, THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE, was not in that selection it was the song I chose to work on  Along with several others I had considered re-recording it for many years - but somehow the mood and the circumstances had not materialised

The importance of the event was not however in the recording of a relatively good take or in my attempts to overdub the best of them it was in the response of Iain Anderson 

The track was worked on, mastered by Geoff Allan at CaVa and submitted to Iain's program where, to my immense delight, it was liked - and played - twice

And that's enough for 2014 -except to proudly say that it can be heard on Bandcamp at

The first time ever -single  Released August 14th 2014

I looked alright this morning - single Released October 21st 2014 

4 short songs in 1  Released November 8th 2014

You'll like it at the waterworks: Loneliness aka Tell me that now: Sail me like a boat: I can taste you in the wood of my room

I'm Santa Claus I am yours- single  Released December 3rd  2014