Saturday 7 May 2016


And before another word is written I need to explain the title (the term) as it is being used here Because there are some meanings which my internet server will not even allow me to access More about this in a while

Earlier on this blog I said - and I quote  'In trying to bring this phase of the work to a conclusion it is throwing up all sorts of information and ideas - some which I find impossible to ignore'

For a long time now - and I mean for many months -I have wanted a phrase that could accurately encompass the various songs, words and ideas which were thrown up (not as in vomiting) during the sorting process And yesterday I thought I had found what I had been looking for

But in this business of putting things on line it has become necessary to check out if ones chosen words and titles have been used by others One frequently finds they have been and it does not help that I avoid social media and don't keep up to date with what is being produced So my delight at finding what I might think is 'perfect' often has to speedily give way to disappointment - however fleeting

There are times however, when the words have been used only occasionally - and perhaps many years or even decades ago - and one decides to use them

A good recent example was the title BLUES OF A SORT when I could locate only one reference What follows is the link to an album of that name featuring Hamptoon Hawes  And on that occasion I chose to plough on

But returning to the title THE TOSS UPS As far as I know this has not been used by anyone else and there may be a good reason although (and I honestly did not know this) a toss up can refer - and in a not too kindly way - to a prostitute, a corner girl or a street walker 

As far as I knew- efore today - the term referred to something that happened when deciding who would go first in a game or other activity

There are of course other words which have the letters t -o - s - s in them and I am choosing not to dwell on them here But in the meantime as the declared smudged line continues to be drawn under my material I am anticipating that in the process, numerous other 'toss ups' will get tossed up
And there you have it