Wednesday 18 May 2016


In amongst the posts about the various releases there is mention of the album RUN THROUGH SIDE A The release date was December 5th 2010 and this was one of the first selections of material to be made available for purchase through CDBaby The link is 

There was however no track differentiation and the playing time was 26.59 minutes Now that is a long time for a stranger to listen to set of tracks from an unknown performer and I doubt if many have 

The clip on CDBaby which gives the listener a clue as to what is on the CD comes from the opening track HAVE YOU COSIED BACK UP It draws on some long ago comments by Joan Ure that the West of Scotland was a dangerous place for love between women

I have returned to the album because having come across it during an unrelated search yesterday I was reminded of the above details And after locating the version which had been mastered at CaVa and on which the tracks had been separated I decided to make it available on Bandcamp The link is

For me this is a sort of re-release Somewhere I have suggested that I have only three albums which on some level I can like But I would like to change that to four For the way I sing the songs and for the content - although again there is much repetition for anyone who knows my material - I can also listen to this without cringing too much And I am thinking perhaps I should have stopped trying to write songs when I got to this one 

There are two very special songs by Joan Ure on the album and how I wish she were still around to hear them The lyrics for both can be found on the blog at

PS The title of the post comes from the second very short track on the album It can be found on LYRICS OF A SORT at