Monday 9 May 2016


Again, if I were to choose to look back into the depths of 2013 I might understand why there were so few tracks to release But that idea has, at present, no appeal

What can be said is that the appearance of THE SAP was a significant event and I have grown increasingly fond of her whilst her exploits have continued unabated - or should that be without respite! Whatever, she has featured often and the many attempts to dump her - to be rid of her forever- have so far failed

But I do happen to have (in one of the selections of spoken words) a lyric on the subject of getting dumped  - and to fatten and freshen up this meagre offering - it will be posted on Lyrics of a Sort

An image might also alleviate the spareness but a suitable one has not yet made itself known

If It Had Not Been So Dark Released January 25th 2013

    1.     This Could Be Heartbreak Land 01:02
2.     It's Done and Dusted 00:54
3.     When We Fell Out 01:17
4.     The Thought of You 00:58
5.     Silloth and Beyond 00:42
6.     Seriousness 01:05
7.     When You Asked If I Loved You 01:00
8.     This Time 00:47
9.     Today Our Love Has Flown Away 01:02
10.  Your Fears Your Reservations 01:32
11. It Was Such a Lovely Day 00:43
12. The Irrevocable Moment 00:44
13. With a Smile in Your Eyes 00:52
14. The Child Has Returned 00:59
15. A Little Bit of Sunshine 00:58
16.  It Could Have Been a Knock on the Door 01:00
17. The Long Last Journey 01:21
18. Finding My Heart Again 00:40
19. If It Had Not Been So Dark 00:50

The words above can be heard at

More Like A River Than A Road   Re-released March 3rd 2013
   1. I've Waited A Long Time 01:30
   2. Let It Come aka Where the Pebbles Grind and Scrape 02:10
   3. Last Night I Dreamed About Doris Lessing 02:04
   4.  Somehow (everything from my suitcase has got scattered on the road)              01:24
   5. The House With The Windows 02:50
   6. Remembering Mr Toast 01:29
   7. Where The Last Tide Runs 02:01

The Sap Released December 11th 2013

    1. So Said the Sap 01:50
    2. Re-run 01:29
    3. Not All There 01:40

This last little selection of 2013 did not stay so small for long Lots more words were added to it in 2014