Thursday 19 May 2016


In amongst the songs that I have wanted to get overdubbed - and I have tried several times - is LIKE AN ICEBERG The words for it were written down without any changes on waking from sleep many years ago now 
I cannot recall if the waking was during a night or a morning 

It was eventually recorded along with WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PHONE ME and submitted to the studio for some overdubbing It was at this time that the tracks got separated and only the phone song was worked on

And once it had been it was made available in several different selections Its appearance as track two on the album CUT FEET AND EMPTY SHOES is probably the best known

But both songs were about 'holding' and I have always felt they belonged together So, on recently coming across the all alone Iceberg song I went in search of the version in which it was attached to its former mate - the kiss song

I found a mastered version of the original recording and i
n a rather rough and ready performance, the two - now closely attached songs - can be heard at