Friday 20 May 2016


The books which have been produced and which are available from are listed below The book descriptions are rather inadequate but will suffice for now The title of the post is from the book I refer to as my Opus Peculiar Somewhere I have lost a small story called PEA SOUP and it will be added if I can locate it The image is one of my favourite self portraits and was used for the first book on the list
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If It Had Not Been So Dark

Paperback, 40 Pages 
Price: £2.15 (excl. VAT)
This is a small book to accompany a 19 track Spoken Word CD of the same name This can be found at 

Schizoid Traveller

Paperback, 300 Pages 

Price: £10.00 (excl. VAT)
Sheila K Cameron (SKC) is a writer and singer who is based in Glasgow Scotland and Vancouver Canada. The words she writes fall into three main categories: those that become songs those that might become songs and those that never will be songs The words in this book belong in all three More information is available on the web sites at and 

The 35 Minus 4

Paperback, 42 Pages 
Price: £5.00 (excl. VAT)
The words in this small book were selected from an accumulation of several hundred lyrics. All had, at some stage of their making, had been given enough of a tune to be recorded onto cassette, reel to reel or dat tape. A further selection reduced these to thirty five. An additional four were removed and this provided the title for the book The words in the book have also been recorded and are available on a spoken word CD

So Said the Sap

Paperback, 142 Pages 
Price: £25.28 (excl. VAT)
A selection of posts from a blog about the songs of Sheila K Cameron and with images (in colour) from Glasgow Haida Gwaii and In-between

The Inescapable Road 

Paperback, 126 Pages Preview
Price: £5.00 (excl. VAT)
This is a collection of words in four sections. They are entitled THE INESCAPABLE ROAD, THE ROAD TO SUNDRIE, THE BAY AND BEYOND and HEARTBREAKLAND and THEREABOUTS.

So Said The Sap

Paperback, 62 Pages 
Price: £5.00 (excl. VAT)
More lyric than poem. The subtitle is 'words that might be songs' There are thirty examples

The Woman in the White Car
Paperback, 222 Pages 
Price: £6.60 (excl. VAT)
Nathan Brown, a Seattle based scriptwriter with a penchant for casual affairs, is in London attempting to recover from a brief but upsetting relationship. During his stay he gets drawn into a series of events which take him on a journey to find information about a man called Paul Bloch. In the course of his search he travels to Glasgow, Vancouver and back to London discovering on the way as much about himself as he does about Paul Bloch.

Toast Gets His Name

Paperback, 42 Pages 
Price: £2.18 (excl. VAT)
A dog gets found and a teacher finds a friend This is the story of how a puppy got his name. There are spaces in the book for children to draw pictures - if they wish 

One Foot On One Off

Paperback, 262 Pages 
Price: £5.38 (excl. VAT)
Better not to describe the book as it is likely to put most readers off buying it

A Dummy Bird

Paperback, 46 Pages 
Price: £3.00 (excl. VAT)

A short play about a married woman over forty years of age with materialistic tendencies and a yearning for some romance in an otherwise rather dull life: an equally ambivalent young man of about twenty eight years of age with a strong dependency on his mother and a neurotic affection for slightly painful experiences and an older man with a fondness for drink and a quiet life. 

Making Custtad

Paperback, 159 Pages 
Price: £5.20 (excl. VAT)
At its simplest Custtad is about providing individual children with a dedicated room resourced with creative materials, for the purpose of supporting them in the exploration of their ideas and concerns. A trained worker is also present in the room. One of their roles is to help create the conditions which may assist children in the task of addressing any concerns they might have. A visit to the room might lead to the resolution of those concerns but whatever the outcome, the child would be strategically involved in the process

The Limited Aims of CUSTTAD

Paperback, 24 Pages
Price: £2.00 (excl. VAT)
In a structured and dedicated setting CUSTTAD combines the use of sand trays and a procedure called Talk and Draw to support children’s creative intentions and their efforts to make sense of what is happening in their lives The Limited Aims of CUSTTAD is an abbreviated version of a presentation which was originally made to an invited group of Head Teachers in Glasgow Scotland Any proceeds from the sale of this small book will go to the Custtad fund